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Rudolf Wistl unites glass with wood. Handcrafted works of a carpenter and master lathe operator. Professional with a creative passion.

Rudolf Wistl likes tables and cabinets – which was reason enough for the master cabinetry-maker to combine both into a decorative side table that can also be used to present and protect personal objects.

With the T-series Rudolf Wistl realises a dream: with over 30 years of success designing and building cabinets for his customers, he now brings his creative talents to the market with a variaty of table designs.

„The idea came to me at Christmas 2014“, Rudolf Wistl remembers. Inspired from a visit to the Poschinger Glassworks, a custom glass manufacturer since 1568, in Frauenau, Lower Bavaria, he sat down, took pen and paper and made his first sketches. Wistl wanted to form a connection between glass and wood, „because the glowing hot glass has to be blown into a turned wooded mould in order to create the shape.“

Put together what belongs together: with the desire to re-unite hand-produced glass with wood and using his cabinetry skills, he began working. Clamping a 42 cm high glass cylinder between two solid round plates of wood that are formed out of thick planks is easier said than done, but creating an aesthetic piece of furniture requires flair, patience and experience in carpentry.

Rudolf Wistl is driven by ambition – with a beautifully shaped result. As soon as he has finished the detailed drawing of a T-model, he carefully selects the precious woods for the bottom and top, for example dark smoked oak, beautifully textured nutwood, fiery red cherry or exotic zebrawood.

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